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Information about activity of JSCB “Microcretitbank”

In 2008 was led further strengthening activity of a market position of Joint-Stock Commercial bank “Microcreditbank” on the basic parameters of a banking activity. Stable macroeconomic environment, business activity of the enterprises of small and private business and growth of internal demand on a domestic production promoted expansion of scales of business of banking, maintenance of competitiveness in bank sphere at the expense of increase of the capital, actives of the bank and increase of a level of profitability.

The previous year have begun the activity 3 high-grade branches of the bank and total amount of subsidiaries reached 80, besides have continued their activity 270 mini-banks and 7 agencies located in all regions of the republic, which provide a wide spectrum of banking service for the clients, whose number has made over 135 thousand.

Expansion of the subsidiaries network, growth in a client base, and also increase of capital and resource base affected the growth of assets of the bank, they have increased during the period on 82,6 billion sums and reached 263,9 billion sums.
The size of the cumulative capital of bank has made 132,4 billion sums.

The positive tendency of growth of volume of credit operations is marked also, the size of the credit portofolio of the bank is increased by dynamical rates (more than in 2 times) and on January 1, 2009 has made 159,6 billion sums and its main share is generated at the expense of the long-term loans.

At significant growth of volume of credit investments the quality of a credit portofolio is saved.

Within the previous year were led measures on the further development of retail business. Activities fulfilled in this direction have allowed involving deposits of population at the amount of 32 billion sums.

 With the purposes of the further escalating of resource base by attraction of free funds of population in system of the bank are introduced 25 kinds of deposits.

Besides that bank continued activity on introduction of system of cashless payments on the basis of plastic cards. The number of the owners of Sum cards for the previous year has made more than 134 thousand. Total amount of operations via plastic cards has made 31,3 billion sums. There also were settled 1245 trade terminals as means of reception of payment in trade and service enterprises and in cash departments of branches and mini-banks were established 83 terminals. The quantity of salary projects introduced by the bank has reached 5462 pieces.

Social importance of creation of the bank is in its priority direction is providing credits for development of business, private business, farmers and other entities of small business. With the purpose of assistance of development of private business there were directed financial resources on 55,4 billion sums as a financial support to the entities of small business. Thus realization of the forecast of the Program authorized on 2008 has made 122,1 %. In fact amount of the given microcredits has made 40,7 billion sums and rendered microleasing services has made 14,7 billion sums at the expense of which by the entities of small business and private business were created more than 56 thousand new workplaces, over 16 thousand of them on a share of the women - businessmen, in this case special attention was given to creation of workplaces in a countryside.

Within 2008 in the performance of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 308 dated March 23, 2006 and -842 dated April 21, 2008 "On additional measures on strengthening stimulation of increasing of cattle head in personal subsidiary, house farms and expansion of manufacture of cattle-breeding production" the bank provided credits at the amount of 4877 million sums to 4439 needy families.

Besides that bank carried out the certain activity on financing agricultural projects, particularly there were rendered credits for purchasing of breeding cattle on the amount of 1126,5 million sums and for the purpose of purchasing of a high-quality seed potato, seeds and to plant melons and gourds, vegetables, sapling at the amount of 1454,6 million sums.
In all branches of bank was led activity on realization of direct preferential crediting of expenses of farms on manufacture of a grain and raw cotton, sold for state needs.

In these purposes during the accounting period the bank rendered to farms privileged loans at a the amount of 173 billion sums at the expense of resources of the Fund at the Ministry of Finance for accounts on agricultural production purchased for state needs, including for manufacture of a cotton row in the amount of 141 billion sums, for manufacture of a grain – 32 billion sums.

With the purposes of realization of the State program "Year of the Youth" bank developed a number of measures on financial support of the young businessmen.

Within the frame of the given Program there were signed agreements on cooperation with Social movement of Youth "Kamolot", Special Initiatives Support Fund, Entrepreneurship and farmers support Centre, and also on cooperation with the Centre of secondary specialized vocational education.

According to the signed Agreement together with movement "Kamolot" there was held competition project named "A young businessmen – is assistant of the nation". The expert group examined the projects and business - plans of the young businessmen. The most perspective projects of the winners were financed by the Microcreditbank.

Within the frame of cooperation together with Special Initiatives Support Fund there was carried out activity on addressed financial support of the women of the businessmen of the regions of Andizhan, Fergana, Samarkand, Djizzak, Bukhara and Navoi. Projects about of 304 businesswomen were financed by Microcreditbank at the amount of 334,5 million sums.

In the performance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan -3434 dated May 25, 2005, particularly on realization of the programs directed to resolving problems of employment of the women, especially in a countryside the bank financed projects of the businesswomen at the amount of 13,2 billion sums.

According to the cooperation agreement with the Centre of secondary specialized vocational education there were held seminars about the mechanisms and conditions of providing preferential microfinancial services by Microcreditbank for development of enterprise activity. At the accounting period 1292 graduates of colleges got credits on a preferential basis at the amount of 1 270,3 million sums.

With the purposes of attraction of youth to business, and also encouragement of their activity with Microcreditbank there was held competition "The Best project submitted by the young businessman". In the given competition the regional commissions looked through 385 projects submitted by the young businessmen. The republican level of the given competition and rewarding of the winners was held in the eve of Independence Holiday of Uzbekistan.
The special prizes were nominated: "The best project submitted in the remote countryside ", "The best project submitted by the youngest businessman" and "The best project in the direction of national handicrafts".

Specialists of Microcreditbank conducted trainings on provided preferential financial support of business within the frame of the project "School of the young businessmen" organized by the Centre of the youth initiatives "Voice of the Future".
Besides that with the purposes of performance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 3878 dated May 18, 2007 "On additional measures on material and moral support of young families" and State Program "The Year of Youth" for the considered period for financial support of young families by bank on a preferential basis were rendered credits at the amount of 15 billion sums, where microfinancial services - 8,2 billion sums and consumer credits for the various purposes - 6,8 billion sums.

Were held complex of measures on performance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 640 dated 21.05.07  "On additional measures on acceleration of development of service sphere in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the period till 2010".

Thus the special attention is given to allocation of credit resources on technological equipment again of created enterprises for rendering services in the remote districts. In the given direction is assisted to expansion of modern and qualitative kinds of services, creation of new workplaces, development of sphere of services and service, including, trade and public catering, , shoe repair shops, photostudios and rendering of technical services to vehicles and other kinds of services.

With the purpose of performance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 640 dated May 21, 2007 "On additional measures on acceleration of development of service sphere in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the period till 2010" as of January 1, 2009 the bank directed its financial resources at the amount of 8760 million sums on development of service sphere, in particular 39,5 % - on development of trade and public catering, 26,1 % - transport, telecommunication services and communication, 17,6 % - public  and household services, 8,4 % - on maintenance service of motor transportation and other means, 5,8 % on adjustment of activity of organizations of children care, sports and health care, 1 % - on sphere of tourism and hotel services to the population and 2 % - other spheres.
As the result of rendered microfinancial services for development of service sphere there were created 8549 new workplaces.

In this regard special attention is given to regular elucidation of held measures on support of young families both development of service sphere. The constant participation of the qualified specialists of the bank in conferences and seminars hold with the assistance of interested organizations is provided.

With the purposes of expansion of volumes of microcrediting of entities of small business, and also development and introduction of new mechanisms ensuring availability to the businessmen, colliding with problems of granting of maintenance, the bank introduced pilot project on rendering microcredits in the small sums to group of the individual businessmen on the basis of the group guarantee.

In the previous period in Parkent district of Tashkent region, in Pakhtaabad district of Andizhan region were held exhibition seminars on theme "Microcreditbank - is on the service of entrepreneurship, creation and developement!"
Besides that the same exhibition seminars on theme "Microcreditbank is for businesswomen" were held in Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region. There took part businesswomen with their products and services in the given seminar. The organization of display of process of kinds of manufacture, has called such as weaving (adras-atlas, carpet weaving), pottery attracted interest of participants of the exhibition. As a result certificates of the bank on rendering preferential financial services were presented to 20 graduates of colleges of Uzun, Muzrobod, Boysun, Oltinsoy, Angor and Qumqurgon districts.

There was held effective utilization of means attracted from United Nations Development Program with the purposes of addressed microfinancial support of the village businessmen and farms working in territory villages of "Zarkent" (Parkent district) and "Yonariq" (Qibray district) of Tashkent region.

There is signed a contract about cooperation with the International system of payments SWIFT, established business relations with the Russian Microfinancial centre. The bank has been admitted to membership to the International Microfinance Center in Poland of the East European and CIS Microfinance Center.

The basic purposes of development of mutual relations with the international financial-credit institutes are:

  • attraction of external sources of resources for the realization of projects directed to development of business of clients of the bank;
  • optimization of channels for realization of international accounts on operations of the bank and clients, expansion of access to the financial markets of developed countries;
  • studying experience of foreign bank-partners on organization of service of the clients.

The bank will extend as a geographical palette of external borrowings of credit resources, and spectrum of tools of their attraction.

Now bank establishes correspondent relations with "JP Morgan" bank (USA), Rosselkhozbank (Russia) and Reiffeizenbank for realization transactions in all foreign currencies. The bank is going to attract credit lines of Islamic bank of development, World Bank and UNDP. For realization of the business - projects of the clients in the field of project and trade financing will be implemented creation of scheme, as related with crediting and as attraction of the no-purpose foreign credits. The tools of foreign trade financing of "Microcreditbank" will become more accessible not only for the clients of the bank, but also for the banks and their clients of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the performance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 4051 "On measures on the further expansion of activity of Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Microcreditbank" on support of the business entities" by the Management Board of the bank is developed and adopted Program of measures 77 dated 13.11.08 on presenting and explaining to population the main principles the Decree of the President, particularly in the remote areas of the republic.


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