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  Information on the credit line of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Microcreditbank

I. Information on credit lines of international financial institutions (IFI)
Date and number of the Agreement 19.04.20172000000714
Date and number of the Government Decree on the basis of which the Agreement was signed 22.02.2017      PD-2795  
Government guarantee Government guarantees
Loan Agreement Amount 3,300,000 USD (2,349,590 SDR)
MFI interestrate In US dollars 1.90%
Last date of the credit line 2017-2037 years
Credit Line Industry The development of the value chain in the dairy sector of Uzbekistan
Purpose of using credit line Issuance of loans for dairy sector development projects
II. Information on foreign lines of credit and on grants to private entrepreneurship and small business
The minimum and maximum amount for each loan financed  - dekhkan farms for the purchase of high productive breeding cattle and equipment (portable milking machines, grain mills, other equipment for the production of feed, etc.) up to 10,000 US dollars;
- to farmers, for the purchase of fodder harvesting equipment (combines and other equipment for collecting and processing feed), specialized transport for the transportation of milk and dairy products, cooling tanks, milking equipment, improved cattle breeds, etc. up to US $ 100,000;
-suppliers of means of production and services for the creation / modernization of veterinary and zootechnical services as well as the preparation of feed and fodder (for one-thumb-borrower) for veterinary medicine — up to US $ 10,000 and up to US $ 100,000 for the production of feed and other means)
- processors of dairy products for the purchase and modernization of technological equipment, packaging lines of dairy products of refrigeration chambers, working capital replenishment, etc. (persub-borrowerupto $ 250,000)
Annual interest rate paid by the client to the bank for the allocated loan  In USD 2.65% + bank margin
 Grace period for the project  For short-term loans up to 6 months
For long-term loans up to 1 years
Share of participation in the project of subjects of private entrepreneurship and small business  At least 20% of the project amount
Information about the existing credit line of China Eximbank for financing investment projects
 Creditor Eximbank of China through the National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan
 Field of credit line utilization Development of small and private entrepreneurship
 Purpose of using credit line  At least 50% of the Sub-loan amount for project financing should be directed to the purchase of equipment, technologies, etc. from the People's Republic of China
 Total amount of credit line  10 000 000,0 $
 Maximum loan term on this line  Up to 5 years
 Grace period for the project  Up to 24 months
 Annual interest rate paid by the client to the bank for the allocated loan  6 months. Libor + 3.5% (foreign bank and NBU margin) + Microcreditbank margin (4-5%)
 Commission for management  1.0% of the loan amount (one-time payment)
 Commitmentfee  0.3% of the amount of the loan balance. This commission will be paid on the day interest is paid.
 Frequencyofpayments  Semi-annualpayments
 Prepaymentfee  2% ofthepaymentamount
 Loanrepayment  Credit funds are repaid in foreign currency or in national currency by converting


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