Development strategy

Nashr uchun talqin

The Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbank thinks it strategic task to safeguard the funds of its clients and shareholders from sharp devaluation and to take active participation in investment processes and compositional improvement of the economy during global financial crises using reasonably and efficiently its equity and attracted resources traditionally by raising the Bank profitability rate.

While performing this task, the following directions are counted as priority ones:

Increasing the Bank’s Authorized Capital and further continuously improving the capitalization rate.

The requisites for achieving the goals are coverage of all the regions of the country by further expansion of the Bank network of branches and units.

Implementation of the positive deposit interest rate policy having provided for diversification and growth rates of the Bank assets

Continuous improvement of the Bank’s competitiveness and steady development and profitability by active participation in investment processes and compositional improvement of the economy during the global crisis.

Increasing the Bank’s account and credit operations by expanding and improving the quality of the infrastructures providing new attractive financial services to entrepreneurial entities.

Reinforcement of the Bank’s position in providing services to large clients and for this purpose further diversification of the services and credit lines provided to VIP clients. The Bank plans to reduce the transaction costs by automation of business processes and to introduce the new banking IT.

The Bank plans to further activate cooperation to meet the exchange demands of the clients by attracting preferential credits, investments and grants of international financial institutions and leading banks.

In order to meet the strategic tasks, new advanced methods of human resource management will be introduced. The process of meeting the business tasks will be carried out in future in harmony with improvement and development of the corporate business management culture, financial and moral encouragement of the Bank staff, creation of most comfortable conditions for their professional career growth.

Currency rates

Updated on 25.10.2021

Buy Sell CB
USD 10680.00 10750.00 10703.02
EUR 12000.00 13000.00 12461.53
GBR 14000.00 15200.00 14775.52
JPY 90.00 115.00 94.01

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