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Nashr uchun talqin

Having large-scale activities in introduction of new equipment and processes and banking services, always considering the wishes of its clients during the years of its operation, Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbank is implementing its policy keeping in mind each one’s interests.

Having broadened and improved the range of plastic card services in non-cash payments, the Bank has quickly approached the ranks of leaders in the plastic card services market. As of end of 2008, the number of plastic cards issued for use reached 134,000, the total amount of operations effected within our country made at UZS 31 bn.

As of January 1, 2009, the balances in plastic card accounts amounted to UZS 2.5 bn which is twice as much as for the previous period.

The growth in clients’ plastic card account funds is significantly contributing to the growth in the bank resource base. Beside this, the plastic card account balances make 15% against the Bank’s total savings.

Considering the sharp growth in the number of plastic card-holders, the Bank has developed the plastic card business and channeled large sums to development of plastic card service infrastructure.

For instance, in 2008 578 point-of-sale terminals were additionally purchased and their total number reached 1,328.

These point-of-sale terminals are installed in different entities, viz.: retail trade and service outlets, supermarkets, pharmacies, filling stations, hotels, cafes, etc.

The 2008 cash-flow through point-of-sale terminals of Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbank made at UZS 29 bn which is twice as much as in the previous year.


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