Nashr uchun talqin

A program complex “Bank-client” allows solving following tasks:

  • providing operative banking services on the place of location of the client;
  • creation of optimum conditions for implementation of payments via banking operations;
  • saving time of clients excluding a necessity of visiting the bank;

Information exchange is performed via modem connection, which allows working with the bank from any geographic location. Information is protected from illegal access via cryptographic methods.

“Bank-client” serves for forming of initial documentations of clients, of information requests and data handling. In addition it allows getting firsthand information in the bank and receiving other supplemental information. The program assists correct entering the data in the fields, printing them on the computer and leads archive of sent and received documents.

A program complex “Bank-client” formulates following reports:

  • List of documents (contains information about documents of bank transfers on the client account in chosen day of operations);
  • abstract of record on accounts (contains information about movement in client accounts);
  • Turnover balance list (contains information about turnover and balance on accounts).


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