Nashr uchun talqin

Services on subsidized microleasing for the small business entities with the duration up to 3 years in the amount of up to 2,000 times of size of minimal monthly wage with the interest rate of no higher than 5 percent per year.

Micro credits are rendered to following tipes of interpreneurs:

  • farm-owners acting with the status of legal entity;
  • farmers;
  • microfirms;
  • small companies.

Citizens desired to lead enterpreneursip activity getting microleasing should:

  • pass a state registration as an entrepreneur and;
  • open an account in a comfortable for him branch of Microcreditbank.

Following documents are required to render microleasing service:

  • accounting report for the last accounting period;
  • analysis of own financial production potentials;
  • business plan, confirming the prognostics of cash income for the whole period of microleasing.

General requirements for business plan provided by the entrepreneurs

  • Submitted business plan should have been prepared in the last 60 days at the date of order on microcredit.
  • An entrepreneur applied for microleasing is invited to free-of-charge seminars organized by the “Microcreditbank”. Entrepreneurs must participate in the seminars on issuing microcredit, rendering leasing services and making business plan before obtaining a credit.

Provision one of the followings:

  • property pawn;
  • pawn of securities of high-liquidity;
  • guarantee of third persons complete in favor of the bank;
  • other types of currency values completed in the form of pawning, liquidity goods and foreign currencies.

Microleasing is not rendered for following purposes:

  • payment of previously taken credits and any other debts;
  • organization of tobacco and alcohol production;
  • organization of lotteries, totalizators and other gambles.

Microleasing payments and calculation methods.

  • The amount of microleasing payments is formed from amortized deductions, microleasing rates (interests), commission charges and fees for rendered services.
  • The microleasing payment may include insurance fees paid by the microlesser for microleasing object subject to microleasing contract.
  • The microleasing interest rate is determined in the same order as credit interest rates.

Microlesse’s privileges.

When property is purchased under microleasing:

  • a microlessee doesn’t pay property tax for leasing object;
  • Upon determination of taxable base on the microlessee’s income tax the followings will be deducted from his whole profit:
    • interest rate of microleasing;
    • the whole amortized deduction on fixed assets taken under microlease, including amortized deductions calculated in speeded manner.

Obligations and rights of the microlessee.

As it is stipulated in microleasing contract, the lessee assumes all risks concerning with deterioration, loss, stealing, wear and damage of the property from the moment of acceptance of the property, notwithstanding whether he is able to recover the losses or not.

After that a microlessee completes all obligations indicated in microleasing contract, microleasing object becomes property of the microlessee.

Currency rates

Updated on 25.10.2021

Buy Sell CB
USD 10680.00 10750.00 10703.02
EUR 12000.00 13000.00 12461.53
GBR 14000.00 15200.00 14775.52
JPY 90.00 115.00 94.01

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