Nashr uchun talqin

JSCB “Microcreditbank” provides opportunity to its clients to use “SMS-banking” service. It’s a modern and comfortable communication facility for receiving information about own account, number of transaction documents and about last transaction documents. Besides that, this system itself informs the client about changes in the account.

To connect the “SMS-banking” service you may apply to any subsidiary of Microcreditbank. Cost of connection to the service is US $7 per month (exchange rate of Central Bank)

Currency rates

Updated on 07.04.2020

Buy Sell CB
USD 9680.00 9750.00 9590.10
EUR 10200.00 10700.00 10364.98
GBR 11500.00 12000.00 11757.46
JPY 85.00 90.00 88.43

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