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The springs action will continue until the autumn

The springs action will continue until the autumn

   Microcreditbank offers great news to our compatriots who want to have their own apartment!

   Due to the current pandemic, the Bank's mortgage action will run until October 1.
   Now you can get one of the apartment buildings in the primary housing market with a mortgage loan on favorable terms!
   Loan term - 15 years.
   Initial payment: in rural areas - 10%; in urban areas - 20%
   Loan interest rate: in rural areas - 19%; in urban areas - 20%.
   Borrower's expenses in the mortgage process:
     – Under a notarial contract of sale;
     – Preparation of cadastral documents of the apartment;
   – Insurance (in case the value of the apartment to be purchased exceeds the calculated value of the house, the rest of the value of the loan must be formed and paid by the borrower).

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