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Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Microcreditbank" announces a competition for the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Bank Board

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank

    The competition is open to highly qualified specialists in the field of economics or information technology.

    The First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board will be responsible for coordination of the transformation processes in the bank. 
     Job responsibilities:
  ) controlling over the implementation of the tasks defined by the "Road Map" for the transformation of the bank;
  b) project managemnt in the field in the field of effective organization and digitalization of business processes in the bank;
  c) coordination of the activities of the relevant divisions of the bank for the implementation of transformation plans;
 d)  coordination of the development and implementation of proposals for the implementation in the bank’s activity of modern management practices and technologies based on international banks’ experience, as well as advanced information technologies and innovations;
  e)  initiation and coordination of the bank development programs, including:
- creation an ecosystem around the bank;
- searching for perspective areas of business development, market segments and partners.
 g)  support of initiatives and projects of the bank’s divisions to improve the quality of services, products standardization in the bank;
  h)  implementation of the necessary measures to form a banking information technologies system as the main tool for supporting services.

     The competition is held in two stages:
   At the first stage, the candidate's compliance with the established requirements is considered:
  - higher education in economics or information technology;
 - international experience and high qualifications in the banking sector, experience in management positions, organizational skills;
  - fluency in Uzbek, Russian and English;
  - the ability to apply modern innovative methods in the implementation and management of projects.
   Candidates must attach to the documents confirming their compliance with the developed requirements:
  -  an application for the competition including acceptance of the terms and procedures of the competition;
  - a copy of the passport and the information form (for example, resume, CV, personal and work activity, achieved results).
   At the second stage, information on candidates, who have passed the first stage will be submitted to the Bank's Supervisory Board for making appropriate decisions. A candidate can be invited to a meeting of the Supervisory Board or to an interview with its members.
   Along with the above, the candidate's tactfulness, analytical thinking, ability to work under pressure, teamwork, creativity, innovative ideas and the ability to implement them are assessed.
   Documents will be submitted from May 15 to June 15, 2021. Documents received after the specified period will not be accepted or considered.
   The competition will take place on July 1, 2021.* 
  1) In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 26, 2019, the nominations of candidates for the positions of head and deputy head of the executive body of a business company with a state share in the authorized capital of 50% or more is carried out in agreement with the Prime Minister, or his deputies and advisers. 
  2) The submitted documents are not returned to the candidates. The results of the competition will be announced only to candidates who have passed this stage. 
      Documents are accepted by e-mail 
   Address 100096, Tashkent, Lutfiy str., 14. 
   For more information, please call: 71 202-99-99 (1022, 1024).
* - to be announced in agreement with the Supervisory Board

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