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Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbank has been established under Decree No PF-3750 of President of Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 5, 2006 re: “Establishment of Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbank in order to provide for development of small businesses, private entrepreneurship and private farming, to create new individual self-employment opportunities by activating family businesses and cottage industries, especially to further enhance financing by providing access of large groups of rural population to microfinance services.

At the same time, the entrepreneurship entities timely and fully repaid earlier received microcredit for start up of entrepreneurial activity and repaid calculated interest on it have preferential rights to receive following microcredits for the business development and using the Mikrokreditbank services.

Currency rates

Updated on 21.01.2020

Buy Sell CB
USD 9520.00 9570.00 9547.05
EUR 10300.00 10700.00 10585.77
GBR 12400.00 12800.00 12418.80
JPY 85.00 90.00 86.68

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