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The microloan is disbursed in cash or by transferring to a borrower's plastic card in the national currency for a period of 12 months up to 50 million soums.


 In cash:  up to 12 months - in the amount of not less than 28% per annum              

By plastic card: up to 12 months - in the amount of not less than 27% per annum                    

Required documents

  • Borrower's passport;
  • Documents on collateral;
  • Description indicating the place of residence and family composition from the MFI
  • Income statement


Online microcredit - a type of remote lending to plastic cards opened by JSCB "Microcreditbank" in the framework of the salary project.

Online microloan is issued by the bank in cashless form to the bank card through the application "MKB Mobile" in the national currency - "soum" for a period of up to 3 months.

The main part of the online microloan is issued on the condition of repayment on the last thirtieth day of use. In this case, the bank must be used within 3 working days after the approval of the offer by the client, if not used by the client, the contract is terminated the next day.

Online microloan annual percentage rate: 24%

 Issued for up to 3 months.

    Basic requirements for obtaining a loan:

    1. The debtor has no overdue debts on other loans

    2. To have a continuous salary receipt by bank card for the last 4 months


Overdraft is provided to employees of enterprises and organizations serviced by the Mikrokreditbank of Uzbekistan to salary plastic cards for personal needs.

Terms of loan

  • Loan period - 12 months;
  • Interest rate - 24%;
  • Loan amount - up to 3-fold average monthly salary.

Required documents

  • borrower's passport;
  • duly executed certificate of income issued by the Employer;
  • other documents providing loan repayment.

Terms of loan

Loan period - 12-36 months;

  • Up to 36 months - not less than 28% per annum

    – Amount of loan - up to 150-fold minimum wages.

Items subject to loan

Loans are provided for consumer needs in the following types of goods and services within the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • purchase of household utensils;
  • purchase of household wares;
  • purchase of office equipment and household appliances;
  • payment for medical services;
  • purchase of construction materials;
  • repair of high-rise apartments and flats;
  • wedding ceremonies and other events;
  • payment for installation of methane, propane or natural gas equipment to vehicle;
  • purchase of wheelchairs and other accessories for health rehabilitation;
  • for other purposes in a manner provided by the law.


Terms of loan

  • Loan term - 20 years;
  • Interest rate - 18% in Tashkent, 17% in rural areas.

Required documents

  • Citizen's Identity Card (original passport);
  • Income Statement for the last 12 months;
  • The contract with the building contractor for the purchase of an apartment.

The bank provides mortgage loans for the purchase of apartments in multi-storey buildings in the primary market at its own expense:

   Loan term - 5-7 years (initial payment 25%);


   Loan interest rate - for 5 years - not less than 23%, for 7 years - not less than 24%

List of required documents:

– copy of passport (or passport replacement document);

– documents confirming the financial condition of the debtor and partner debtors (income statement for the last 12 months);

– initial purchase and sale agreement;

– extract from the statement of the regional commission on the attachment of the apartment to the applicant (for apartments in multi-storey affordable housing);


Car loans are provided to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the following conditions for the purchase of auto transport:

Loan term: for a period of up to 3 years without the right to extend the term;

Initial payment: not less than 30% of the vehicle's value.

 Interest rate:

    • Up to 36 months - not less than 27% per annum


Education loans are provided for the education of students in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan on a full-time and contract by contract basis.

Terms of loan

    • Up to 1 year - at least 23% per annum
    • Up to 2 years - at least 24% per annum
    • Up to 3 years - at least 25% per annum

Required documents

  • borrower's passport or other identity document;
  • duly executed certificate of income issued by the Employer;
  • duly executed agreement (contract) on education on a contract by contract basis between the
  • student and the educational institution;
  • other documents providing loan repayment.   


Attention! All types of loans are classified on the basis of the borrower's solvency.




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