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 Microcreditbank gives new opportunity to provide “On-line” microloan over “MKB Mobile” application!

 Now, you have opportunity to get “On-line” microloans based on scoring analysis using “MKB mobile” application any time of the day, without any documentation and without coming to the bank. Remarkably, this service is available to our bank’s customers, who have the plastic cards with monthly salary, using their mobile phone on online mode to get “On-line” microloan based on “Scoring” analysis. Also credit can be taken in 10 minutes without any trouble and waiting.
Mode of operation:
- Download “MKB mobile” application to your phone;
- Go to the “MKB mobile” application and select "Credit" through the MENU module
- In the line “Credit” enter the column “Credit information” and submit an online microloan application for microloan. At the same time, the customer gets acquainted with the electronic Offer Agreement and signs it electronically.
- “On-line” microloans are issued for up to 3 months.
- Microloan rate from 3% per month (36% annual)
- Only 50% of the amount of your monthly salary is credited to your plastic card, based on scoring analysis, and deducting one month's monthly loan payments.
- Without the need to submit documents to the Bank, the customer must electronically approve the Offer Agreement.
- This type of the credit is not given if customers have an overdue credit debt.
- At the same time, the customers will download the amount given on the credit order to their plastic card.
- If the customer uses the “On-line” microloan and overdue debt exceeds 15 days, the loan cannot be used again.
- Also, repayment of credit debt is carried out electronically without visiting the bank.

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Updated on 26.05.2020

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