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Micro credits rendered to start entrepreneurship activity:

Soft micro credits are earmarked to start entrepreneurship activity for 18 months. At the same time, interest rate on credit should not exceed 3% APR. 

  • up to 50 times over minimal wage to entrepreneurs acting without the status of legal entity;
  • up to 100 times over minimal wage to farm-owners acting with the status of legal entity;
  • up to 200 times over minimal wage to farmers.

Microcredit for formation of start capital is provided to microfirms, farmers when an order on microcredit is presented within 6 months from the date of state registration of an entrepreneur.

Micro credits rendered to expansion of activity and fulfill turnover funds:

Small scale entrepreneurship subjects (microfirms, small-scale enterprises, farmers)

  • AMOUNT - up to 500 times over minimal wage;
  • PERIOD – up to 24 months;
  • INTEREST RATE - under interest rate not above 50% of refinancing rate of Central Bank of Uzbekistan.

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